“You gave me my life back!! How do you thank someone for that??”
Lori, Charlotte, 56

“After a few months on the program I saw a huge difference. I had lost 20 pounds of body fat and developed muscle and tone I hadn’t seen in 15 years. I really saw the difference on the basketball court. I am playing against guys in their teens and twenties and staying up with them. My overall athleticism, strength and stamina have skyrocketed.”
Dave, Denver, 37

“My husband has been blown away. But it has been more interesting day-to-day as he sees me in old clothes that either are way too big or that now fit again. He saw me in my old running clothes the other day and was SHOCKED. People here have been a little funny. I see them looking, but they are hesitant to say much. I saw my hairdresser yesterday when I took the girls in and he just gushed over me. My good friends have noticed, but others just stare right now. I did bust out an adorable black knit dress, not formal, just PTA-ish, this morning to walk the girls into school and felt very polished and energetic. I’m very proud of myself and the program. It’s been the first program that actually worked like it claimed to, and I feel great!” * C.B., Charlotte, 41

“I can’t pinch my fat. My trainer is impressed with my gains. Today I worked out for one hour with weights, then did 5K training for one hour…so two hours today. I WAS NOT doing that before. My body has changed a lot…and libido is drastically improved. My wife has certainly noticed a difference. I can’t wait to get my updated body fat test done.” *
Adam, Virginia, 44

“I feel as good as I did in high school. I’m loving it. Just bought new jeans, I’m down two pant sizes. I’m doing yoga, P9OX and I ran 5 miles yesterday. I want to be active again. Three people last week asked about my diet and exercise. It is because I look so much healthier. People can just tell I’m healthy. I’m loving it. My nine year old son is now doing P9OX with me so he can look like Dad someday. I really enjoy being so healthy.”
Jose, Fort Mill, 37

“It’s like night and day. I work 50-60 hours a week and I used to come home and hit the couch – that’s all I had energy for and that’s all I wanted to do. When I started I was 235 lbs with 25% body fat. Now I’m 10% body fat and weigh 205 – I feel so much better.”
Ray, Gastonia, 47

“Diet is unbelievable. Of all diets I have tried, the Energy Weigh Loss Program is the easiest! This diet has given me the most gratifying changes! I feel 10 years younger, and I’m excited that I will finally be able to walk next week when we go to Europe without being tired! I have so much energy! I am so happy that I started the Weight Loss Program!”
Mary, Concord, 72

“I have a lot more energy now that I decided to get on the Weight Loss Program! I get out a lot more, my friends see more of me, and I even had the energy to go out on the town for my friend’s birthday party! I feel so much better about myself and I actually have the want and the drive to work out and eat right instead of making excuses. I even canceled the appointment with the cleaning company to come and clean my house and I cleaned it all myself because I wanted to!”
Devine, Charlotte, 37

“I was doing dishes the other day and my wedding ring fell to the bottom of the sink. I have to get my ring re-sized again. I had just had it re-sized three or four months ago because I couldn’t get it on my finger, and now I have to get it re-sized again to keep it on! I also have to buy new shoes and clothes. I was buying shoes that were a size or two too big so my feet would fit and feel comfortable, and now they are slipping off! It (the Energi Weight Loss Program) was not hard at all. I was tired the first week and a half or so, then my energy came way back up. I don’t crave fattening food like I used to. I just feel satisfied.”
(Editor’s note: Janet has lost 21 pounds so far on the Weight Loss Program.)
Janet, Charlotte, 49